Managed Services

Experience improved business operations, make informed decisions, drive productivity, and implement the best business strategies with ZipCrest’sManaged Services. With our IT outsourcing services and solutions, receive expert-tailored advice and ensure that your company is utilizing the best technology.

Operational Manpower Support

IT Asset Management

Proactive IT Monitoring and Maintenance

Patch Management

Managed Anti-virus

Managed Reporting

Managed IT Services

Third Party Maintenance (TMP), Hardware Break/Fix Services

  • Full product line support: Server, storage, networking devices, desktop, notebook, printer, etc
  • Wide range of brand coverage: HP, IBM, Dell, EMC, NetApp, etc
  • Various SLA options: Choose what works best for your business
  • Legacy system support: with experience accumulated from 20+ years in the industry
  • Full life cycle support: From first deployment to End of Life (EOL), End of Service (EOS)

Choices of Time-based, Project-based or Incident/Token-based Support Models Based on Your Needs

  • Time-based model (quarterly, yearly): allows for proactive maintenance and prevention of incidents.
  • Project-based model: helps you manage your cost within a set budget.
  • Incident or Token-based model: this works best for reactive services. You purchase a minimum number of incidents or tokens at the start of a contact period, cost is only deducted when a case is activated. Unused balance can be carried forward to the new contract coverage period if a new package or a minimum number of new tokens / incidents is purchased.

Relocation & Deployment Services, including:

  • Data centre / office relocation services
  • Data centre / office cabling management for easy tracing and fast troubleshooting
  • Mover services with transit insurance coverage
  • Deployment services: Backup, data transfer, Win 11 upgrade, image cloning , etc

Hardware, Computer/IT Spare Part Supply

  • Take advantage of our pricing, as we source spare parts regularly worldwide and from ex-stock sources locally.
  • We are supplier of legacy refurbished or used parts that are hard to source
  • All parts are tested by an experienced engineer team and come with our warranty.
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