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Equip your team with the support, knowledge, and tools to provide optimal security for your organization. Improve your security posture by trusting Zipcrest Consulting to monitor, test, and remediate your network. Contact us today to get started!.

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Our Cybersecurity Services

Security Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity Consulting

Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Network Security Monitoring

Penetration Testing

Information Security Gap Assessment

Security Risk Assessments

Receive comprehensive audits and analytics through our security assessments and scans that identify the security and compliance gaps within your organization. Our engineers will assess your security vulnerabilities and deliver a comprehensive security risk assessment.

Our risk assessments consider your company size, industry, compliance requirements, and more. Our team of experts will analyze every aspect of your business and recommend changes that can help your company protect itself against potential cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Services
Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

There are many technology options to choose from when building a secure network. Zipcrest Consulting helps you tackle these complex issues by reviewing your current network infrastructure to ensure that your security technology protects your organization against an ever-evolving threat landscape. Our security engineers will then provide you with recommendations and design a cohesive security infrastructure

Business Continuity Services

When architecting your backup systems, Zipcrest Consulting sizes your data, both on-premise and in the cloud, your number of locations, and your requirements for uptime. We will then select the B/DR partners that best fit your requirements.

Our services include migrating your data to the new backup system, annual backup, and restoral testing to ensure that your business is ready to withstand any ransomware attack or natural disaster.

Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Services

Network Security Monitoring

Prevent attacks before they occur with 24x7x365 network security monitoring services. Receive real-time cybersecurity monitoring that provides visibility into the cyber threats attempting to enter your organization.

Our team complements your internal IT resources by providing in-depth network security monitoring that helps you meet compliance requirements under industry regulations. Our team of experts handle the management of logs and provide actionable recommendations upon sending alerts or reports.

Cyber Security Services

Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing services assess the efficacy of your security controls and examine the strength of your overall cybersecurity posture. Our security professionals simulate real-world attacks using the latest adversary techniques to illuminate unknown weaknesses and identify gaps in your security coverage.

We simulate high-impact security breaches to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to protect your organization against advanced cyber threats proactively. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Information Security Gap Assessment

To ensure your network is robust and effective, you must conduct an information security gap assessment to identify areas of weakness within your network security controls.

Zipcrest Consulting helps your team conduct this analysis based on your industry-standard security framework including, HIPAA, PCI, NIST CMF, ISO 27001, etc.

Our team of experts then evaluate your staff and IT process to assess your environment and provide a strategic roadmap to accomplish all information security requirements and find the vulnerabilities within your IT security infrastructure.

Cyber Security Services
Assess Current IT Environment
Perform Network Security Assessment
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Assign Account Team
Manage, Report, Support

Why Choose Zipcrest?

With several years of experience serving mid-market and enterprise clients nationwide, Zipcrest Consulting has the track record to be your trusted IT-managed service provider.

We go beyond the scope of traditional advisers: We’re engineering entrepreneurs who value creative agility in tackling business priorities. We will take ownership of your challenges as we assess your current infrastructure and help your transition to seamless, scalable, and affordable new technologies that deliver benefits to your users and meet your long-term business goals.

We have successfully designed and implemented solutions for industries that include financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, life sciences, utilities, manufacturing, government, and education.

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